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Over 30 years in the Piano servicing industry!

I’m Peter Metcalfe and I have been tuning and repairing pianos throughout the North East for over 30 years. I offer a full range of piano-related services, including:

Piano Tuning / Piano Repair / Restoration / Valuation

Tuning and maintaining your piano is important for a number of reasons:

Tuning a piano to Standard Pitch ensures that the piano performs as the manufacture intended, creating an even tone and creating the desired harmonics. At Standard Pitch (sometimes referred to as Concert Pitch) a piano can be played with other instruments without the need to retune them. Keeping a piano at Standard Pitch helps the piano maintain its financial value.

A piano is a valuable item and it’s wise to make sure it sounds and plays as well as it can, this can only be achieved by regular tuning.

Most pianos last for many decades but all need maintenance and repairs from time to time to ensure that they play well and last as long as possible.

You can find out more about looking after your piano on my Advice page. (coming soon)

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I cover a wide range of services including Piano tuning, repairs, restoration, insurance work and restoration.

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I work in an region roughly within 50 miles of Newcastle upon Tyne.

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